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Meet Dr. Reece

Dr. Reece was born and raised in Nebraska, grew up on a farm near Kearney, and graduated from Pleasanton High School. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2003. Dr. Reece then completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in 2007. After graduating from dental school in 2007, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska, and worked there as a general dentist for 10 years.

In 2018, Dr. Reece’s ties to Nebraska brought her back to Kearney. She opened Advanced Dentistry of Kearney in the dental office formerly owned by Dr. Douglas Holmes (retired).


Meet Dr. Reece

What Our Patients Say

  • I have historically dreaded the discomfort, pain, and numbness associated with dental procedures. Dr. Reece recently recommended a dental laser for my procedure that required no numbing or sedation. I was initially skeptical but decided to trust her. Dr. Reece was able to complete my filling with little to no pain or discomfort. I walked out of the appointment in record time with no numbness, drooling, or slurred speech and was able to immediately return to my legal practice and complete my day. It has been my experience that Advanced Dentistry of Kearney is very accommodating in their scheduling and happy to remind me of my upcoming appointments. Dr. Reece and her staff are always kind and professional and I would highly recommend their services.

    Luke M. Simpson
  • Dr. Stacy and her team are so personable and caring. They always go above and beyond every time I visit them. My daughter has enlarged tonsils and Dr. Reece has talked to me about it; she suggested other doctors give me their perspective, and she provided detailed recommendations. Additionally, she made me aware of possible work that might need to be done and reminded me to keep in mind that things could change since my daughter is only 4 - lots of development ahead of her. The office keeps pictures and we can take a look back to assist with future decisions and work if necessary. We moved to another city, and we are not planning on finding another doctor because they are on my top list of the best.

    Olimpia Leite-Trambly
  • Dr. Reece is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful. She is the best dentist I’ve gone to in my 65 years. Her staff is wonderful, as well. Everyone is welcoming and professional. Krisy cleans teeth both thoroughly and gently. I know my teeth will get the very best care at Advanced Dentistry. We are fortunate Dr. Reece has set up practice in Kearney.

    Jane Mena-Werth
  • My husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Reece to determine if our newborn child would benefit from a lip and tongue tie release. Our lactation consultant recommended visiting Dr. Reece to discuss our options and the potential benefits of the operation. We are happy to have the knowledge and experience of these Kearney, NE health professionals in our support circle. We highly recommend Dr. Reece and Advanced Dentistry.

    Nathalia Coello
  • When I found out my son had a tongue tie I called their office since they’re one of the only clinics in Kearney that does the cold laser removal for babies. They were able to get me in right away, made sure I was educated in the process, post-procedure exercises, and the why behind doing the procedure. The staff and providers were extremely sweet. I would, and will, recommend my friends to Advanced Dentistry!

    Madisen Sutherland

Infant Frenectomy Specialist

Infant Frenectomy Specialist

  • Tongue-Tie Release
  • Lip-Tie Release

When choosing a trusted provider, you want to know that they have the experience and expertise to ensure an exceptional outcome. Learn more about Dr. Reece’s experience and see how she can help your baby get the care he/she needs. Experience Matters!

Do you worry about seeing the dentist?

We are proud to offer innovations in dentistry to take the drill, the noise, the needle, and the pain out of your dental visit.

  • Virtually free of the sound and the needle
  • Quick, easy, and done in a single visit
  • Fast, same-day recovery time

We are proud to offer innovations in dentistry to take the drill, the noise, the needle, and the pain out of your dental visit.

  • Virtually free of the sound and the needle
  • Quick, easy, and done in a single visit
  • Fast, same-day recovery time


Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Advanced Dentistry of Kearney does accept insurance as an out of network provider.

Do you offer pediatric dental services?

At Advanced Dentistry of Kearney, Dr. Reece sees patients of all ages from newborns to seniors.

Do you offer same-day dental appointments?

Yes, we accept same-day appointments. You can call our office at (308) 237-1311 or you can book a consultation online if preferred.


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